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Description: Barroco 0.9 Keygen Crack

    BARROCO code is 2D bar code and it can handle any binary or text data such as documents, video, text and audio.
  • There is applied compression, encryption, encoding and error correction to create strong redundant dot code.
  • BARROCO code can be printed, scanned or electronically transferred.
  • BARROCO code keeps data integrity and security.
  • CompressionBARROCO CODER has built in automatic compression.
  • Some file typeslike text files can be successfully compressed to 20% of size.
  • Compression is calculated before setting additional options, if compression is not required, it is disabled.
  • EncryptionBARROCO CODER support standard encryption algorithm AES (Irondale)with key length 160 bits.
  • Key is generated from entered password.
  • Encrypted is data stream and file name.
  • You can’t restore filewithout correct password.
  • Minimal password length is 6 characters.
  • Error correctionThe BARROCO CODE has built-in error correction.
  • Data can be successfully recovered after random changes, printing defects or missing part of document.
  • Error correction can be set in few steps.
  • There arethree redundancy levels as additional option.

Installer Size: 0.99 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95
Developer: olej

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