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Description: FastTrack Mail 9.05 Crack

    FastTrack Mail offers a new, simple and very convenient interface for processing e-mail and it’s a powerful email management tool with features to increase your productivity and enhance your communications.
  • The program provides extensive filtering and processing capabilities for incoming correspondence and requests.
  • It allows automatic sorting of incoming messages based on preset criteria and their placement in individual folders or mailboxes where they can be viewed at a later time.
  • FastTrack Mail is great for building and managing mailing lists.
  • The software also features the ability to personalize mail distribution for a large number of recipients.
  • With the help of this software you will be able to send information to large groups of users as easily as to a single address.
  • Despite its sophisticated software capabilities, the system is distinguished by an extremely simple and user friendly interface.
  • You can easily customize the interface to handle all your messaging needs.
  • FastTrack Mail can store information on many e-mail accounts.
  • Options are also provided for standard e-mail clients: support of attachments, plain text and graphic html messages, message sorting by date, subject, address or other fields, message searches based on key words, etc.
  • FastTrack Mail is one of the fastest known email client available today and the best email program for people who get huge amounts of correspondence.
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Installer Size: 2.28 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2003
Developer: FastTrackSoft

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