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Description: SSH Tunnel 4.1 + Full Crack

    SSH Tunnel is a powerful encryption and tunneling program that supports SSH1 and SSH2.
  • It has a very flexible port forward system that allows for the assignment of any local addresses (including changing ones like DHCP assigned) as well as remote port forwarding (given your provider supports/provides this feature).
  • SSH Tunnel also incorporates the use of backup servers and auto-reconnect to ensure that your connection is stable and consistent.
  • SSH Tunnel’s connection limit setting allows you to specify how many concurrent connections you want the software to make to help prevent connection errors on servers that limit the number of simultaneous connections.
  • SSH Tunnel’s built in firewall helps you make sure no connection is made to any address you don’t want to as long as SSH Tunnel is loaded.
  • This prevents programs from accessing the internet outside of the tunnel even in case you configured that program incorrectly.
  • SSH Tunnel offers you to configure Internet Explorer to use SSH Tunnel’s tunnels while SSH Tunnel is loaded eliminating time consuming setup or the annoyance to change it back and forth to it’s normal settings each time SSH Tunnel is started or shut down.

Installer Size: 3.02 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2003
Developer: rs4u software design

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